TA Fundamentals Training

This course is suitable for TA and HR professionals, new or experienced in the recruitment profession, who want to formalise their learning and ensure best practice is applied. And for those wanting a more structured, fair interviewing process and to improve their interviewing and selection skills.

Course Overview

Many in the TA profession have never received any formal training. This course is ideal for anyone in TA or HR and covers some fundamentals such as Competency Based Interviewing, EEO and the law, through to top tips and insights on the marketplace and best practice.

Selecting the best person for a job role is a critical skill for those in TA and HR. Recruitment is often overlooked in HR Degrees. Learning to lead the recruitment conversation, take a good brief and coach others, such as hiring managers on the process, D&I considerations and best practice.

Good Hiring practices and decisions can impact the organisation’s performance and bottom line. Attracting and selecting the right job candidates is essential to business success. Managers and HR practitioners need to understand how to apply effective, reliable, and valid attraction, interviewing and selection techniques to ensure talent attraction and good recruitment decisions are made. It is also important to know the law and make sure recruitment practices are free from discrimination and bias.

This course offers a strategic and informed approach to the marketplace, attraction, interviewing and selection, other assessment types and the importance of good onboarding etc. It includes:

  • The current market in 2024

  • EVP and Brand and attraction techniques

  • Debrief of pre-course reading & employment law quiz

  • Increasing diversity & inclusion in recruitment

  • The art of taking a good brief

  • Competency Based Interviewing techniques

  • Question types & in-depth probing techniques

  • Best practice interview structure

  • Preparation & competency questions for the interview session

  • Process of observing, classifying & taking notes

  • Interview practice question technique

  • Candidate evaluation

  • Different assessment methods

  • Reference checking

  • Onboarding techniques

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Apply a systematic selection process, which includes structured interviews and probing questions of candidates to effectively address competence for the role.

  • What is behavioural based interviewing techniques and prepare appropriate questions

  • Recognise different question types in interviews (those that do and don’t work)

  • A professional interview structure and note taking

  • The ability to probe and seek further evidence of competence

  • Other available assessment tools

  • Knowledge of the employment market in 2024, EVP and employer branding needs and best avenues to the marketplace.

  • Candidate evaluation and scoring

  • Reference checking essentials

  • Good onboarding techniques

  • Taking the brief and working with hiring managers

  • Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment

  • Unconscious bias overview

Other Course Information

  • Live classroom-based style courses

  • 1 Day course. 9.00am to 5.00pm in a CBD location, close to stations

  • Lunch and catering provided

  • Pre-course work on EEO and the Law and joining instructions will be sent out a week in advance.

Registration Information

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Course Trainer

Rachel Hill – Director. See Bio.

Rachel consults to leading organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

Check out more of her work at Hill Consulting HRS.

Rachel also offers in-house courses available for TA teams and or Hiring Managers. Contact me for an initial chat.

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9am – 5pm

One day program

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