The Recruitment Skills Academy specialise in giving the right skills and guidance to TA professionals and Hiring Managers in today’s demanding marketplace.

We know that the role of leaders and their Recruitment practices in any organisation is critical to their culture, engagement and performance, based on the people they hire. As Jim Collins said in his famous book, Good to Great, “Get the right people on the bus…” to become a high performing organisation.

We offer specialised, professional courses and programs for leaders and recruiters or TA teams that are not provided by universities (or AHRI and RCSA).

Many Hiring Managers and Recruiters are hiring and not always understanding why they are doing what they do. They may have limited understanding of the law and requirements as they have never been professionally trained. Also they may have little awareness of the current market place, the role of EVP and selling or social media in Recruitment and Diversity and Inclusion considerations.

The Recruitment Skills Academy supports Leaders and Hiring Managers and those in-house TA and recruitment teams nationwide, whether big or small, and offers guidance and skills up-lift and professionalism via our in-depth knowledge of the sector.


The Recruitment Skills Academy is the brainchild of Rachel Hill of Hill Consulting, to raise the standards and capability of Hiring Practices across the Industry and within Corporates.


Academy Director & Lead Trainer

Founder and Director


Founder  and Director


Meet our trainers

With a combined experience of over 80 years across TA, HR and recruitment, our team of trainers have real world experience across a wide variety of industries.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help the recruitment industry implement best-practice and make even greater tangible contributions to their employers.

To raise the professional standards of our Talent Acquisition community and to uplift skills and consistency of hiring across our industry

We strive to lift skillsets to take people from being order-takers to trusted and respected business partners.

Everyday we work alongside Australian HR and recruitment teams. We know the compliance and legal issues that you face. We also know leading-edge HR tech, tools and practices for efficiency. We deliver what you need to produce highly efficient TA teams.


There are many aspects to delivering highly productive, low risk and efficient recruitment practices. We work with our clients providing a range of courses for beginners to advanced in TA – to ensure we have all levels of TA practice covered.

From interns to leaders, we’ve got you covered.