Demystifying Government Recruitment Practices – Myths Busted

Many of our clients are recruiters and hiring managers working in government, both at the state and federal level. Often, recruitment practices are hampered or should I say ‘hamstrung’ due to policy and procedures. This often results in a process that takes way too long and sees too many good candidates lost along the way. These cumbersome processes cause a lot of stress for both recruiters, hiring managers and candidates! If only there was a quicker and easier way… Some government recruitment practices are so entrenched that it’s a challenge to separate fact from fiction. HR may even argue the case, but they often have no basis in legislation, Awards or Agreements; they have just been manufactured over many, many years of government. Let’s separate fact from fiction once and for all! Yes, we want a fair and transparent process. And yes, we must hire on merit. However this can

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